About Us

Mahjaab is an innovative brand manufacturer of a fashionable Hijab line targeted at females of all ages, particularly young Muslim women. It intends to market its line as an alternative to existing lines for hats and scarves, and differentiate itself by uniqueness, multi-usefulness and stylishness.

Being passionate about life and creating new ideas, Mahjaab is shaped based on a simple idea: a range of head-wear to go beyond just the simplistic array of scarves with mundane designs and enter the 21st century to accommodate the modern woman to not only be able to practice their beliefs but also express themselves and their incredibly unique sense of style in various occasions.

Creating a healthier and new look for Muslim women, particularly using various designs and eco-friendly fabrics that maintains healthy skin and hair, allowing natural air and sunlight (as the main source of vitamin D) to gently pass through. A significant matter that gets little attention with women’s hijab.

Furthermore, Mahjaab aims to make a contribution towards the advancement of the current plain and unhealthy forms of headwear hijab to a wider variety with a full range collection. By using Mahjaab’s products, women find less interest in using various cosmetics to beautify themselves but more choices and confidence to smarten themselves.

We are also eager to create a new dress code (an important identity element) containing both Western & Islamic civilisations’ symbols to facilitate effective cross-cultural communication and tolerable interactions and socialisations.