The Story of Mahjaab

Mahjaab: A Bold Design for Bold Women

Given my astonishment of looking at any phenomenon differently and trying to improve quality and the plain and routine style of my headwear hijab, in 2013 I approached a simple idea; to design a range of head wear to go beyond just the simplistic array of cloths with mundane designs and enter the 21st century to accommodate the modern woman to not only be able to practice their beliefs but also express themselves and their incredibly unique sense of style whilst taking better care of their hair and skin.

With this in mind, I spent the oncoming months working on various designs within my home in London, United Kingdom to come up with around 80 designs and slowly peak the interest of those around me and gain some audience, critics and designer evaluations in order to create a strong, bold and creative portfolio, which I could build my foundation upon.

Throughout all the processes, which took place in order for these designs to become reality, I had the help of some close friends, like Mobina Nourie, who at the time was a PhD student of Internal Designing at the London City University and Linda Gibbon who is an expert cutter. Ewa and Arthur also joined our small group as machinist and pattern. It was when I could focus on multiple aspects of the work at hand and those of the forthcoming projects.

Almost one year after that simple thought and through a long pursuit and hard work we were able to prepare the prototype productions and take the first step to actualising said idea.

Once the prototypes were materialised, a unanimous decision was taken by all the team at hand to turn this project into a business in order to help fund the creation cycle as well as allow more people to get involved and get a more firm grasp on exactly how many of 1.6 billion Muslims currently in the world are interested in such an idea and thus forming Mahjaab.

Taking almost 6 months of daily and nightly tolls to complete, once the first line of the designs were finalised and fully put together, about 20 to 30 outfits were composed and ready to be worn, adjusted, flourished and documented within several full-day photo-shoots.

Albeit composed and created in our infancy stage, the following finalised set of designs and their pictures were only but a handful, which we at Mahjaab have chosen to represent our work, culture and dedication to this cause.