The Founder of Mahjaab

Dr. Mahboubeh F. Sadeghinia

Founder, Designer and Director

I have grown up in a family keen to art, literature, religion and music. I have taken various art courses, particularly in designing and painting and have a very good self-taught tailoring background.

Furthermore, one of my passions is creating new ideas, looking at topics from a wide range of angles and finding solution for social problems. As a people person who loves to learn and teach, I am very passionate about life and everything in and around it.

Culture and environment are two of the major topics that are concerned as the main pillars of a healthy society. That is why the concept of Mahjaab is formed on two bases:

  1. providing a new look for consumers, based on beauty, style, quality, applicability and comfort as well as culture and health requirements;
  2. using dress codes of the two major civilisations of the West and Islamic world to facilitate an effective cross-cultural communication method, between Eastern and Western cultures.

This vision is based on the fact that I believe dress codes in various cultures and societies are as important as many other important identity elements such as language, art, food, music and politics.

Furthermore, perceiving clothing and physical appearance as one of the communication variables – which might be seen as differences in men’s and women’s social status or carrying a value or meaning in every community – we in MJ intend to enhance knowledge about these identity elements, through creating a new dress code, containing both Islamic & Western civilisations’ symbols.

We believe creating a new dress code could have a positive impact on enhancing perceptions of members of multicultural societies about each other’s objectives while paving the way for more cross-cultural and tolerable interactions and socialisations; A matter that could help to ease the current socio-political tensions.

Besides academic background and experience in running small businesses, my intention of creating MJ enterprise is to enhance the culture for Muslim women and increase their quality of life, improve social cohesion and the environment as well as create employment.

As a Muslim woman, who has lived, studied (engineering & politics) and worked in various Eastern and Western countries for the past 40 years, I have developed the idea of MJ as a very practical, cool, free, healthy and chic while offering many choices for various occasions. Since 2015 when Mahjaab’s prototypes were ready, I have received very good feedback from my professional groups as well as some friends and experts in Iran and the UK. Mahjaab’s only show at the Third Fashion Forum of ‘Emerging Importance of Ethical Fashion’ in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in London, 8th May 2015 was also received impressively.

Every Muslim woman whom I’ve talked to has welcomed the idea of creating new forms of hijab and my non-Muslim friends are also interested to wear them for various events. Doing a wide range of researches on the availability of such product in any market has convinced me more to purse the idea of Mahjaab.