Mahjaab Takes Part in Fashion Forum

MJ’s designer, Founder and Director, Dr Mahboubeh Sadeghinia, attended the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Fashion Forum in Piccadilly, London on May 8, 2015. The forum was themed ‘The Emerging Importance of Ethics in Fashion’, and focused on conscience form of production and presentation in the fashion industry.

The forum consisted of a series of talks and workshops that discussed ethical practices in fashion design, highlighting key ethical players in fashion design and retail to serve as a guide for emerging fashion designers.


Sadeghinia introduced Mahjaab for the first time at the event and briefed the audience on the vision and mission of the MJ. She then commented on the MJ’s fabric marketing strategy and said Mahjaab aims to design a hijab line, which could become known for its creativity, healthy products and pervasiveness.

In her presentation, Sadeghinia emphasised the importance of ethical production processes. She talked in length about fabric sourcing, and the importance of knowing and understanding the wholesalers from which one buys from, as the wholesalers’ ethical practices might affect the designer’s products in the market. In response to audience enquiry on fashion design for different Islamic cultures, an example being the Islamic fashion line, Sadeghinia advised students to always understand their clientele and create designs that cater specifically to their needs.

Sadeghinia’s company Mahjaab presented a lively mini fashion show that showcased the company’s creative designs and exuberant colours. Read more …

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